We specialise in a wide range of photography and video services. From family oriented events such as wedding, maternity & newborn photography to corporate functions to d&d and promotional video and interview.

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We understand how important this day is to you and your love ones. We aim to go beneath the surface, and capture the little moments and the subtle looks between you and your partner.

We are Singapore-based photographers and videographers who see our role as story tellers and not as directors, we would like to tell your story as true as it is. Every wedding is full of beautiful moments and not staging the performance. We are great at capturing the candid, and have a passive approach, looking for that joyous smile, that romantic kiss and that wonderful moment with friends.

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Event photography is what we do day in and day out. We are vastly experienced in events of all scales and sizes, whether it is large national events or private birthday celebrations, our team are well equipped with the right skill set and expertise.

The key focus to our approach is to understand the requirement of every event. We have been frequently tagged to and photographing VIPs therefore we are always alert and ahead of other photographers in capturing key moments that are often tight and challenging.

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From the beginnings in 2014, we started with a various studio photography projects. We drive for perfection and passion have remained true to our passion. We listen and understand what are your specific requirements and needs. We would like to be a friend who would be capturing the essence of your personality and soul.

Our style is one that embraces the moments of spontaneity. We strive to capture the expressions of life that are real, natural, and reflective of you.

Pre-Wedding in Singapore


Many might think that in Singapore there is probably not many places you can have a great epic pre-wedding photography session but if you think that, you would be very wrong. There are actually many places in Singapore that are both historically iconic as well as breathtakingly fabulous to have an amazing picture. 

8hrs Photography and Videography

Wedding Montage Slideshow included

Note: Subject to availability of Photographer & videographer and we will suggest to do booking at least 3 months in advance.


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A Paradise Package.


We have very experienced photographer who know the best time and place to capture a wonderful photograph in paradise, crafting numerous memorable experiences for couples embarking on their wedding journey, we aim to provide an ultimately unparalleled photography experience; be it in South East Asia or Europe.

Our team at Dpictures is not only committed to quality photography but also videography and innovativeness. They believe in going the extra mile to understand you and catering photography destinations to you personally.

8hrs of Photography and Videography

 2 Outfits for the Bride 2 Outfits for the Groom

Make up services & Transportation during photoshoot included

Wedding Montage Slideshow included

1 x 24 inch PVC Album

Note: Subject to availability of Photographer & Make Up Artist and we will suggest to do booking at least 3 months in advance.


Europe Pre-Wedding (2019)


We are heading to Europe in mid of 2019, it is the place to take stunning pre-wedding photos! Stroll by the classy waterfront before heading to the Big Ben and then travel to the Romantic Paris, City of Love and Light, to take pictures with the Eiffel Tower. You may also wan to have a photo at the tulip fields of Amsterdam, no matter your dream desires, Europe is the best place for an oversea location photography.


All Photo Return After the Photoshoot (At least 150 Photos)

Transportation will be provided for the photoshoot sessions

3 Outfits for Bride & 3 Outfits for Groom

Make Up Artist are included throughout

30 photos chosen will undergo additional editing process

Note: Subject to availability of Photographer & Make Up Artist and we will suggest to do booking at least 3 months in advance.



Wedding Actual Day


We understand that keeping your memorable moments is very important therefore Actual Day Wedding Photography is extremely important. These photographs will help you keep your beautiful memory of this special day! The candid moments captured through our AD wedding photography will bring you back to that very day years after your wedding.

We will start their days from your home at dawn break before all actions begin! From here, we will capture the interesting and fun games, gatecrashing, to the first look the groom will have on his beautiful bride.

After picking up the brides from her home, we will follow the couple based on their itinerary and fulfilled the capturing of your special moments!

10hrs of Photography

  • 10 hours of photography (Example 7am – 12pm, 6pm – 11pm)

  • All Photos will be digitally enhanced

  • All photos captured will be returned in a DVD or thumb drive



Wedding Videography with Same Day Edit


Wedding is alot of planning and hard work but it can be alot of fun too. We understand how important it is to capture all the happy moments and how much you would like to share your moments with your loved one and guest during your wedding reception, especially those who could not make it during your various ceremony throughout the day.

Wedding Videography Rates

up to 4 hours by 1 videographer or
2 videographers

(includes up to 3 edited video)


up to 8 hours by 1 videographer or
2 videographers

(includes up to 5 edited video)


up to 10 hours by 1 videographer or
2 videographers

(includes up to 7 edited video)